Cannabis is one of the oldest medicines on the planet earth according to the materia medica

But the governments "do as I say not as I do" says its a new medicine so not covered by the pbs.

Alaways Use Whole Plant Therapies for Best Results

Cannabis Saved My Life in 1985 Maybe It Can Save Yours Too, My Relatives Were Told To Make Funeral Arrangments But another patient used cannabis and gave me a Cookie that saved my life "one leaf or two restarted my gastro intestinal system back up making my bowel fuction and my body regained homeostasis" It Is Amazing Therapy.

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 Dr David Allen Trauma and Heart Surgeon Says Cannabis Should be used by All Humans and Animals


Cannabis was put on the planet by man kinds creators the Anunnaki (Sorry this is just another creation story to control humanity)

It Expands The Human Consciousness Wholisticly and Maintain Physical Balance.

It even appears in the Sumerian text. The Sumerian people enslaved humanity to work for them. Cannabis was the plant that took away their pain and suffering after their slave tasks were complete.

Humans then went on to enslave others and cause suffering to other life forms. See Truth of The World

Back to cannabis

See how important it is for your whole body and nervous system.

It helps maintain homeostasis in your organs and the bodies signaling system.

Cannabis is also not addictive so anyone that says they are addicted to it is full off crap.

You should not mix tobacco with it and always use a vapouriser for best health results

Eating Cannabis allows the liver to convert THC delta 9 (American Chemical Concepts) or THC delta 6 (Brittish Chemical Concepts) into its higher compound  THC delta 11, (American Chemical Concepts) on first pass having a whole body healing effect.
THC stands for 

 Stay Safe and Good Health Always

 The Endocannabinoid System Explained 

Dr Gabor Mate' - The Myth About Normal and The Power of Connection

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I have Been Clinicly Dead 147 times due to a heart valve defect not being detected for over nine months.

After the worst motor cycle accident on record to have the victom walk away 15 years later after attending multiple hospitals to be repaired

I was also experimented on by the Public System claiming I was not covered but years later I found I was lied to by a social worker that claimed the accident happend in Victoria but it was actually in NSW.